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Past Events in Academic year 2020/2021


D<AI>DALOS – Post-Human Creativity: The Use of AI in Art

The artistic use of AI challenges some of the cornerstones of the modern Western concepts of art and creativity. Filippo Lorenzin, Garrett Lynch, Paul Mouginot and Iskra Velitchkova will tell us more about this interesting topic.

19:00 24 June 2021 @ ONLINE, YouTube


D<AI>DALOS – From Automation to Intelligence: The Long History of AI

This is the opening lecture of a discussion series called DDALOS co-organized by the AI Center FEE CTU (six lectures are planned for the 2021). Nathan Ensmenger from the Indiana University will present the history of the field within the larger context of the history of work, automation, computation, and philosophy.

19:30 7 June 2021 @ ONLINE, YouTube


Key factors of successful MLOps

Multiple speakers will show us how they use different technologies to successfully implement MLOps with variety of organizations and they will also share the most important and tricky parts of this process.


  • DataOps: an indispensable component of MLOps (Wioletta Stobieniecka, SAS)
  • Experiment tracking in MLOps with MLFlow (Michal Marusan, Microsoft)
  • To be announced (Dorian Hodorogea, Google)

18:00 26 May 2021 @ ONLINE, YouTube


MLOps: Building feature stores and ML production pipelines

Yury Kasimov and Joao Da Silva from Avast will present MATS stack for machine learning, and Jiří Koutný from DataSentics will share their experience with Feature store as a part of modern data lakehouse.

18:00 21 April 2021 @ ONLINE, YouTube


MLOps and DataOps techniques using Databricks

Marton Hubay, Priyan Chandrapala and Nikolay Vaklinov from Infinite Lambda, a UK-based data engineering consultancy company, is going to give a talk about how to resolve the issues of automatization in Machine Learning by applying the latest DevOps best practices on the Databricks platform.

18:00 8 April 2021 @ ONLINE, Zoom


AI Research in Seznam.cz


  • Xenia Shakurova: Generating keywords for text ads of the Sklik advertising system (Research Team Lead in Seznam.cz fulltext)
  • Ondrej Filip: Real-world blunders in measuring model performance (Research Team Lead in Seznam.cz fulltext)
  • O. Bednar & M. Soukup: Operations Research and Auction Mechanism
  • Jan Vrsovsky: Ad Click Prediction

18:00 28 January 2021 @ ONLINE, Zoom


Thoth: Reinforcement learning-based dependency resolution

Dependency resolvers try to satisfy the version range requirements of libraries used using different approaches, such as backtracking or implementing an SAT solver. Fridolin Pokorny will discuss about plugging in machine learning algorithms in this AI/ML era and try to resolve software stacks using reinforcement learning.

19:00 13 January 2021 @ ONLINE, Zoom


Mining and predicting processes

How does Process Mining work and how can machine learning help with it? Ondrej Brichta will cover a quick introduction into Process Mining techniques, how classical prediction techniques can be a huge help for process prediction and cover the advancement of relatively recent neural networks architectures like LSTM into the process mining sphere.

19:00 2 December 2020 @ ONLINE, Zoom


Reinforcement learning 1: deep Q networks

Syllabus of the talk (Michal Chovanec):
1. Reinforcement learning versus supervised learning
2. Deep Q Network (DQN) – why it’s naive NN not working
3. Advanced architectures: noisy DQN, duelling DQN, rainbow DQN, attention DQN and hands-on practices how to create a network architecture
4. Real examples (Atari, Super Mario, Doom 2) – how is network interacting with the given world.

19:00 4 November 2020 @ ONLINE, Google Meet platform


Sentiment Analysis for Social Media

Sentiment analysis is an automated process of recognition of how an audience feels. It is one of the most demanded classification tools exploiting artificial intelligence in the marketing field in general. Jan Rus will share how they developed a sentiment analysis system fine-tuned to social media.

18:00 21 October 2020 @ ONLINE, zoom


Serve Your ML Models in AWS Using Python

Automate your ML model train-deploy cycle, garbage collection, and rollbacks, all from Python with an open-source PyPi package based on Cortex. Speaker is Václav Košař.

18:00 23 September 2020 @ ONLINE, zoom

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