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Past Events in Academic year 2018/2019


Deep Learning Reading Group

There is a reading group on the book 'Deep Learning' by Goodfellow at al. You can find it at deeplearningbook.org for free. You are welcome to come, but you are expected to read the planned chapter ahead. On upcoming meeting we will discuss Chapter 12.4 - 12.5.

16:15, 10 July 2019


Depth separation for neural networks

Tomas Kocak will present the results of the research paper by Amit Daniely.

15:15 19 June 2019 @ VKM room


MLMU KE: Introduction to Deep Reinforcement Learning

Slavo Matasovsky from Tachyum will describe how an artificial agent may learn by interacting with its environment, similarly to a biological agent.

18:00 30 May 2019 @ Sobasna sien - Radnica Stareho Mesta


Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing

Peter Bednar will describe what natural language processing is and how deep learning methods may be applied.

15:15 9 May 2019 @ VKM room


The Doctor in the Machine + Hack Kosice 2019 Report

Jozo will show how machine learning could be helpful in medicine and save lives by pointing to fractal geometry and its contribution to diagnosis of cancer.

15:15 10 April 2019 @ VKM room


Way from convolution neural network to artificial inteligence

Juraj Kundrik from OptiSolutions will discuss particular object detection solutions and their applications in industry.

15:15 20 March 2019 @ VKM room


Automation of Data Science

Tomas Horvath will present the main methods used and utilized to simulate an expertise and experience of a data scientist as well as techniques for automation of certain tasks in data science. The lecture is prepared jointly with MLMU Kosice and takes place on Hviezdoslavova 7 with entrance between Office of the President and flower shop which is as close as 450 meters from Jesenna 5 Faculty of Science building.

18:00 25 February 2019 @ Sobasna sien - Radnica Stareho Mesta


The power of graphs in speeding up online learning and decision making

Michal Valko will describe adaptive solutions of using graphs and their applying in patient data, face recognition, and recommender systems.

15:15 20 February 2019 @ VKM room


Neural networks and geomagnetic storms

Professor Andrejkova will share her experience of using neural networks in studying data on geomagnetic storms!

15:15 19 December 2018 @ VKM room


Marriage of neurosciences and robotics

Data science and its role in a fruitful relationship between neuroscience and robotics!

15:15 12 December 2018 @ VKM room


Deep learning in applications

Come and learn how to fight cancer by recognizing landmarks! Daniel Kuchta tells us more about their research at the Global Logic Company.

15:15 5 December 2018 @ VKM room


Local Hack Day

Local Hack Day is a GLOBAL hackathon uniting thousands of students. Participants across 100+ distributed campuses are able to connect with their local communities and other hackers around the world through digital workshops & mini-events, social media, and a global live stream.

9:00-21:00 1 December 2018 @ SJ2P08 room


3D modeling of the countryside

Jan Kanuk tells us what challenges geographers face when working with data and how they model the countryside.

15:15 28 November 2018 @ VKM room


Machine learning in astronomy: Why and how?

How machine learning methods can be useful in astronomy? Come to the meeting with Michal Cokina and you will know!

15:15 21 November 2018 @ VKM room


Spectral bandits for smooth graph functions

What does a Slovak do if he goes for a PhD abroad? Tomas will talk about his research and its applications in machine learning.

15:15 14 November 2018 @ VKM room


Save the vineyard: Part 2

Stano will show us how we can use deep learning methods to identify ESCA disease in grapes. Come and see how powerful and helpful the deep learning methods can be!

15:15 7 November 2018 @ VKM room


Save the vineyard: Part 1

Stano will share his experience from ML Hackathon that took place in Kosice a couple of weeks ago. He shows how data from drones can be used to improve the vineyard's output.

15:15 24 October 2018 @ VKM room


Practical machine learning

Try hands-on machine learning methods on real datasets. Do not forget to bring your laptop with you!

15:15 17 October 2018 @ SA1C05 room


Applications of spectral clustering

Deep dive into the secrets of clustering with Erik Bruoth. Learn about recogniyign comunities by using the spectral clustering.

15:15 10 October 2018 @ VKM room


Spectral Clustering

Deep dive into the secrets of clustering with Erik Bruoth. Learn about techniques behind this categorization method.

15:15 3 October 2018 @ VKM room


Coding and Pizza

Building Scalable Apps using CockroachDB, distributed SQL database using a table structure most developers will recognize. This event is primarily designed for university and older high school students but is free for everyone.

14:30 26 September 2018 @ VKM room


New Age of Artificial Intelligence

First talk featuring Marián Dvorský, former UPJŠ student now working at Google!

15:15 19 September 2018 @ VKM room

Experienced Speakers

Speakers at our events speak about topics they are passionate about. While featuring more advanced content, the talks are kept friendly to high school students.

Diverse Community

People of all ages join our meetups, starting from hight school students wishing to learn more, to senior developers working at local and global companies.

Interresting Topics

We focus on all topics relevant to data science and data analytics, such as statistics, classifications, artificial intelligence and sometimes even databases.

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