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- 5 years of DAM -


Data Analytics Meetings celebrates 5 years!

The year 2023 brings the first minor anniversary of DAM since its establishment. It was exactly 5 years ago, when the first discussions took place in 2018.
Click to see the full presentation about what has happened since that year.

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Denis Jakus, Unique People Croatia

More information will be available soon.

September/October 2024

Past Events


Data in medicine and healthcare

Healthcare, medicine, treatment, policy making. Their important part today is not only quality professionals, but also modern technologies and – data! The Institute for Healthcare Analyses (IZA) at the Ministry of Health of Slovak Republic in cooperation with the Data Science Academy will show you why data are so important on the way to more preventive than reactive healthcare.

16:00 15 May 2024 @ Jesenná 5, Košice


Data in Maritime Domain

At our upcoming meetup with Vissim, a Norwegian company, we'll delve into data utilisation within the Maritime Domain. We'll explore how data analytics and data science play crucial roles in preventing environmental catastrophes, smuggling or illegal fishing, or significantly reducing the costs associated with this industry.

17:00 24 April 2024 @ Jesenná 5, Košice


End-to-End AI App Engineering with Open Source

The AI revolution is here. Join David Kubanda, a seasoned Data Scientist at Zurich Insurance, on comprehensive presentation as we unveil the transformative power of open-source tools in democratizing AI development, empowering anyone to create intelligent solutions. By the end of this session, you'll be ready to take the reins of AI development and craft your own innovative applications.

16:00 6 March 2024 @ VKM room, Jesenná 5, Košice


DataDay 4

High school students and data lovers, attention please!
Do you enjoy working with data such as pictures, graphs, election surveys and do you want to find out what they can represent? Do you like problem-solving or just want to understand how artificial intelligence works? We have the fourth DataDay in a row, where you can experience it all.

9:00 17 February 2024 @ Jesenná 5, Košice


Unlocking the Magic of Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLM)

Join Renáta Ujháziová, IBM for an exciting presentation as she dives into the fascinating world of Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs), the super-smart brains behind cutting-edge computers. In this engaging session, you will be introduced to these incredible technologies, unraveling the secret of how they work and showcasing their real-world impact on artificial intelligence.

17:00 29 November 2023 @ VKM room, Jesenná 5, Košice


How to advance your space idea

The democratization of space is one of the hot trends in the space sector.
Space technology is now becoming accessible to everyone, and any good idea for research or use of space can become a reality. How to turn such an idea into a successful product? Come to the presentation as Denis Sedlák will explain more.

16:00 8 November 2023 @ VKM room, Jesenná 5, Košice


Tackling the 80% & Welcome to the Modern Data Stack

Senior Analytics engineer, Rastislav Zdechovan, will walk you through what a good data platform strategy looks like. And Senior Analytics engineer, Tomáš Janotík, will focus on the latest trends in the field of data warehousing and data modelling.

17:00 25 October 2023 @ Library, Jesenná 5, Košice


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Experienced Speakers

Speakers at our events speak about topics they are passionate about. While featuring more advanced content, the talks are kept friendly to high school students.

Diverse Community

People of all ages join our meetups, starting from hight school students wishing to learn more, to senior developers working at local and global companies.

Interresting Topics

We focus on all topics relevant to data science and data analytics, such as statistics, classifications, artificial intelligence and sometimes even databases.

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